Uncharted 4 Plunders PAX East

The countdown to Uncharted 4 continues with its developer Naughty Dog sharing a few more treats with us this weekend at PAX East. Sony Entertainment and PlayStation brought the highly anticipated final chapter of the franchise to PAX this weekend for one last demonstration before the game hits shelves in two weeks. They offered convention goers the first look at an additional online mode dubbed Plunder.

Similar to capture the flag, Plunder features four on four teams where players attempt to steal each other’s Flags, or treasure, and deliver it safely to their own territory. Uncharted has featured this mode in previous games, however they have updated the mode to take advantage of the games new mechanics.

Historically the Uncharted franchise has combined gun fighting and environmental traversal. The newest chapter continues to build on this base and may prove be the best one yet. Naughty Dog has increased the player’s ability to traverse the environment and the paths available to take. Uncharted’s online mode is incredibly dynamic. If you didn’t have the opportunity to play the open Beta last month check out some of the game play that has been posted online because it speaks for itself.


Uncharted’s Multiplayer incorporates the games new swing rope feature to the traversing system. Players can climb, jump, and swing their way through stunning maps and never stop attacking while they do. Combined with rich environments, the players have the ability to traverse above and below the action and it adds a vertical element to the game play.

The maps have been designed to make the most of the games traversing mechanics and players can carry treasures across the environment with no impediments. Plunder offers a variation on capture the flag where players with the treasure can toss it to other members of their team to keep the flow of the match moving. This encourages teamwork and adds more challenge to the traditional capture the flag archetype.

Delivering the Treasure and making it rain in Uncharted 4

Copyright Sony Entertainment

For those worried about the small team size Naughty Dogs Lead Developer Robert Cogburn assures fans that four on four is just right for Uncharted 4. The maps that have been available to play thus far are full of detail but they are also rather compact so Cogburn and the Naughty Dog team likely have made a good decision cutting the teams down to four on four. It should serve to keep the gameplay frantic and energetic.

From what has been shared so far Uncharted 4 looks great. The environments are immensely detailed and the game play looks astounding, allowing players to switch between gun play and platforming seamlessly even in multiplayer.

Can’t wait to until May 10th? Naughty Dog drops the final trailer for the game Monday Afternoon.

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