Announcement: Battlefield 1

During their press conference DICE Design Director Lars Gustavsson reviewed Battlefields history of innovation, especially within the online arena. The series has taken players from WWII, to Vietnam, to modern day combat; all along developing the ability for players to interact with destructible environments and become fully immersed into gameplay. 

Early rumors suggested the franchise would be taking players back in time and we can now confirm that to be true. The new trailer featuring stunning visuals, allegedly running on the game’s engine as opposed to CGI cutscenes, showed gameplay set in the first world war. Battlefield will be putting players into the Great War complete with cavalry battles, trench warfare, zeppelins, & the original in air dog fights with bi-planes.

DICE has been dropping hints and cultivating hype for their announcement all week and with over 500,000 viewers tuning in to watch the announcement live on Twitch it worked. Fans were very excited. Those watching live reacted immediately with support and there was an outpouring of enthusiasm social media as well.

All this is fresh off Infinity Ward’s new Call of Duty announcement: Infinite Warfare. Taking players off world and into space developers assure fans that they drawing most of their inspiration from war movies and the games WW2 roots.  The trailer has not been received well, receiving more than twice the dislike than it has likes and receiving serious criticism including from a senior Battlefield Media Director/Editor Roland Smedberg for its “quaint” camera work and graphics.

It is clear that these often competing titles are going in vastly different creative directions. Fans of both games are very passionate and for many it may come down to franchise loyalty.  What are you looking forward to? Back to basics with classic warfare in Battlefield or more futuristic warfare and features in Call of Duty? 

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