Rocket League Cross-Network Play Comes to Xbox

Later today, Psyonix’s hit title Rocket League will open up cross platform competition between Xbox and PC players. The update is to be released at 6 P.M. EST and will add cross network matchmaking.  Players can toggle this setting in the menu panel.

Rocket League launched for the PS4 and PC last summer and became a sensation among gamers. Players have been able to utilize cross network between the two systems since then. The fast-paced physics-based title only became available on Xbox this February and did not offer the cross-network functionality. Microsoft worked to correct this and now will offer similar cross network matchmaking between the Xbox One and PC.


Microsoft has specified that they will be moving forward, giving developers the power to offer cross network play for games using Xbox Live. This is up to developers whether or not to enable. Microsoft has not ruled out further updates to include “other networks” (presumably Sony’s PlayStation 4) in cross platform networking, citing an “open invitation” for other networks.

Could this move signal crumbling walls between platforms? Microsoft is clearly positioning themselves as ready and willing to open their networks and PlayStation has indicated similar willingness to work towards cross-network play in the past.  Although neither network has committed to a statement on how this might take place or when. Are you looking forward to cross network play between the systems?  

Images © Psyonix

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