Uncharted 4 Drops First DLC for FREE

Naughty Dog went live on Twitch this afternoon to break down their first multiplayer DLC. The DLC, dubbed Lost Treasures, will drop with tomorrow’s 1.08 patch for the game will include a host of content for players. The patch will also add a number of features to Uncharted 4 multiplayer including a much requested ranking system.

Uncharted players will be able to start leveling up today. Players will gain experience based on their score, medals collected, and match completion. Ascending through the ranks will grant players relics and unique vanity items. It looks like there will be 70 levels. Dedicated players will be able to adorn their character with some interesting head gear, every 10 levels,  and face ware, every 5 levels.

Uncharted 4 Mutliplayer

Something New for Everyone

New Map titled Sunken Ruins. This small map will offer players fast paced combat. Players can meet head on in the core of the map or negotiate the waterways that surround it to flank enemies.

New Vanity Items. Naughty Dog is giving you over 100 new vanity items. There a a few cool ones coming including pirate skins for Drake, Elena, Sully, Nadine, Flynn, & Eddie. Expect to see some hilarious new taunts as well.

New Weapons:

      1. Arrowhead A3c Long gun
      2. P90 sub machine gun: Great rate of fire and it features unique reload animations
      3. Agarwal .40 Pistol: This hard hitting pistol will take out enemies with 4 shots or less.  
      4. Enforcer G26 Pistol: It has a quick rate of fire and is on par with the para
      5. Harbinger Sniper Rifle: A new heavy weapon that hits hard but has a low recoil.

New Mystical Item: Path of Indra will grant players the ability to teleport to teammates to revive or provide support.

New Boosters

    1. Gifting will give team orientated players the ability to resupply teammates
    2. Hardened will reduce the amount of flinching players experience when being shot. This should help snipers keep a steady hand.
    3. Enhanced Radar: It provides a larger range for the player radar. At higher levels it will also allow players to see directionality of enemy players.


    1. More game type customization including the ability to turn off the in game store and relics, so players can play with a “classic mode” off shorts

The patch is also going to address some performance issues and broken leaderboards. The full patch notes will be available tomorrow with it goes live.

What we Didn’t get

This DLC will not deliver new trophies although there will be new challenges for players to complete.  Other popular request from players which that won’t be coming are clan tags and map voting. The twitch hosts cited complicated nature of the first and the desire to reduce pregame time for the latter. 

Don’t expect single player DLC either. The team is is working on this but they say it is a long road and we likely will not see single player DLC in the immediate future.

The Naughty Dog DLC Philosophy

The best part is it is all FREE, Naughty Dog has taken a very different approach to DLC than many developers. They have laid out a full year of DLC to Support Uncharted 4 and is all 100% free. Granted it is probably not entirely philanthropic but it is an interesting approach. Especially when paid and day one DLC have become standard procedure for AAA games.  Naughty Dog’s philosophy is unlikely to become widespread but it is an experiment players would like to see persist.


Are you happy with Naughty Dogs first DLC package? What were you hoping for?


All Images © Naughty Dog


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