Nintendo Stocks Rise as Pokemon GO Rolls Out

Have you noticed it? Strangers crowding parks, business, even police stations frantically swiping at their phones. It’s not the latest online dating app, Pokemon GO has finally arrived. The internet is obsessed, and Nintendo is reaping the benefits. Their stocks were up this morning, and it’s not just a single digit rise. 

Pokemon GO uses your phone’s camera to create an augmented reality where you can find Pokemon in the world around you. The game encourages players to get out and explore. It rewards players for getting out of the house and participating in a little physical activity. Using real world maps and locations, Pokemon GO, informs its own, placing Pokemon and supplies in locations you’d expect to find them in game.Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.36.31 PM

When the game was first released yesterday, players in Australia, New Zealand and the United States rushed to download and begin their journey to be the next Pokemon Champion. Despite reports of server issues and that much of the world can only play after jumping through a few hoops to install the title not yet available in their country, people seem very excited.

Pokemon GO Screenshots have flooded social media platforms. Players who do not yet have access to the game via their app store are clambering to get their hands on it. This newfound enthusiasm for the property has lead to a surge in Nintendo Stock price. Reuters reports Nintendo Stocks have jumped up 10% this Friday, as investors responded favorably to the excitement over the new release. Although novelty may be driving some of the interest, this may indicate that Nintendo’s shift into mobile gaming may indeed pay off.  Nintendo, now valued at $23 billion, expects the “free to play” title to boost their annual profits by a third to almost $450 million through in-app purchases.

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the countries with access, be sure to check out our Tips & Tricks for Pokemon GO, and stay tuned for more news.

Pokemon GO is free-to-play and available for iOS & Android devices, although currently only in Australia, New Zealand, & the United States.


All Images © Nintendo

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