I Am Setsuna Dev Team Posts Massive Loss

Tokyo RPG Factory, developer of I am Setsuna, has released financial reports revealing a 244 million yen loss. That equates to around $2.41 million dollars. While many larger game companies might not be phased by that number Tokyo RPG Factory a relatively small studio. It was founded by Square Enix with mandate to develop classic JPRGs. 

I am Setsuma is the developers first JPRG and was released in July 2016, published by Square Enix. The title received moderate praise but failed to stand out both in reviews and sales. It appears as though the game did not hook JRPG fans even in Japan, selling only 33, 629 copies.  This is disappointing news for fans of JPRGs. As a niche market it is difficult enough to get large developers and publishers to invest in them.


I am Setsuma is available for PC, PS4, and PS VIta

Images © Tokyo RPG Factory

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