CBS Reveals New Details on Star Trek Discovery


Many suspected the new series would take place significantly before the Original Series because ships of the line are typically assigned numbers as the fleet grows and 1031 is a long way from 1701. Although exactly when or which timeline was unclear.


Wednesday evening, Bryan Fuller and Marc Devoise spoke at a CBA All Access Panel about Star Trek Discovery. Since its announcement earlier this year, fans have been eagerly awaiting details about what the new series will include. Speculation over the time period as well as which timeline the new series will take place in particular.

Fuller announced that the Discovery will embark on its mission 10 years before the Kirk’s five year mission begins in the Prime timeline. This means the costume and set design will resemble that of the original series. Fuller teased that we may eventually see younger versions of key Star Trek characters, but not likely in the first season. The team wants to focus on their new crew and creative storytelling. The show will revolve around a building larger arc but Fuller assures that each episode will feel complete as well.

There’s an incident in the history of Starfleet that had been talked about but never fully explored.” – Bryan Fuller, CBS All Access Panel, 2016

When asked for further details on the plot of the show Fuller declined but did hint at exploring part of Star Trek’s history. The ‘incident’ comes from a plot point of the original series and was one that has always “fascinated” Fuller. He is confident fans will enjoy its inclusion in the series.
Star-Trek-Original Series Crew

He was also excited to share that they will be including a diverse cast of characters including more alien species. The primary crew of the Discovery will include at least one LBGT character, as well as possibly androids and more aliens. Fuller is looking for a female lead although not as Captain. Rather the show will focus on the a Lt. Commander on board the discovery. When asked why, Fuller explained that all the previous series had been told from the Captain’s point of view and they wanted to do something different.

CBS has ordered 13 episodes which will begin production in Toronto this fall and broadcast in the winter with other mid season premieres. This is typically a cautious approach for networks like CBS but Discovery will be broadcast on CBS All Access (CBS’s version of online stream services such as Netflix). Other stream services, HBO Go, Netflix, and Amazon have all proven that the traditional rules of network success don’t always apply on the medium. Fuller was excited about not been “subject to broadcast standards and practices”. This will give the creative team a “broader spectrum” for content and execution than ever before in a Star Trek series.

Star Trek Discovery will be available in January, 2017 on CBS All Access in the US. Check your local listings for CBS’s partners in other parts of the world.

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