Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters DLC

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Continuing with their mandate to release free, new online content regularly; Naughty Dog rolled out their latest milestone on their DLC Roadmap for Uncharted 4: Bounty Hunters. Some of the Naughty Dog team were live on twitch to review the new DLC, including Scott Lowe, Senior Communications Manager, and several of the teams game developers.  This DLC which was available as of the Naughty Dog Stream on Twitch this afternoon features a new map, new weapons, new boosters, a new game mode and a whole lot of new skins and taunts.


New Map

Naughty Dog is bringing back The Village. A fan favorite map dating back to Uncharted 2. This map is set in the tibetan village from the second Uncharted title. The team have made very few changes to the map outside of updating the visuals and adding points players can use the Uncharted 4 grappling hook mechanic.

Players can now skirt the edge of the map using the grappling hook to flank enemy positions. The team also removed the tank event that spawned on that map in the original version. This was because none of the other maps have this kind of feature and they wanted this map to be in line with the rest.

Uncharted 4 Village Map

New Weapons

  • Lowe-S: An assault rifle similar to the AK-47. It offers a decent rate of fire and range.
  • RKL-155: Fully automatic pistol along the same line as the Uzi It is very accurate but limited range. It’s fast but does less damage per shot.
  • US-AN-12: Automatic Shotgun and a new heavy weapon. It is an automatic shot gun that packs a serious punch. The guys at Naughty Dog offered a pro-tip for players, always aim. The blind fire on the US-AN-12 is very unreliable.
  • DC Single Action Colt: is a 6 round pistol. It has an excellent rate of fire and is very powerful. Expect 3 shot downs or 1 headshot 1 body downs from this gun. It does have a very slow reload though so be careful.
  • Harrison 1890: An Action lever rifle. This gun is also very powerful with good range but it is slow to reload and has a slower rate of fire.

New Boosters

  • Lock & Load: this booster will allow players to pick up ammo and load it directly into the clip without reloading the weapon.
  • Weapon Expert: Players will be able to aim while vaulting, jumping, or falling. It also allows you to cancel out of rolls easily.
  • Silent Assassin: This booster is a must for players looking flank the opposition. Enemy kills are not visible to their team via the HUD. There will be no notification or red X on the minimap when you eliminate them. Combined with a silenced weapon this could be lethal for a team.
  • Undisturbed: This allows players to hold a charge melee even while rolling or jumping.

New Mystical

Naughty Dog also added a new mystical perfect for those who like to play the tank. Shield of Asgard generates a shield around the user that replenishes health and reduces damage by 75%. Keep in mind it takes about 1 second to activate, this is time where the player is vulnerable. If the player is eliminated before the shield activates it will remain available when they respawn, however if you are killed before it wears off you will lose any remaining time you have on the clock. Players with this Mystic active will move more slowly but still be able to roll, jump and use other evasive maneuvers.

Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunter DLC Shield of Asguard

Activating the Shield of Asgard is as epic as it sounds.

Cinema Mode

This feature returns from earlier versions of Uncharted. Player matches will be archived to allow players to review the game afterward. It not only gives a replay of your own game but players can go to a third person mode and view any part of the map at any time in the match. You can capture your epic moments and add effects such as slow motion or removing the HUD to make them even more epic. Using the PlayStation’s Sharefactory and Share functions you can future save, edit, or share everything.

New Game Mode

At the core of this update is the new Bounty Hunters Mode. Similar to Kill Confirm, players drop bounties in the form of a crossed swords icon when they are killed. A enemy player can collect 10 points for every bounty they collect. Games will go to a maximum 600 points or when the clock runs out.

On top of that there is a captain system. There will only ever be one captain on the map at any time and the position will rotate between teams. Players are selected randomly, with considerations of their status. For instance, players who have low health or are surrounded by enemies will not be eligible. When a player is selected, a skull icon will appear above their head and they will hold the title as until they are killed or the timer runs out.

Players who are captains will receive three times the points for collecting bounties. However the bounty on a Captain will be six times the base rate or 60 points. This mode will require teamwork to protect your captain and to claim the bonuses on enemy captains. Unlike regular bounties, a captain bounty will take time to claim. Players will have to remain close to it and hold down triangle until the bounty is claimed. Unlike in capture the flag modes, your progress on the capture will never decrease so it can be attained a little at a time. Multiple team mates claiming the bounty will improve the speed of capture. It is definitely a teamwork and strategy heavy game mode.

Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters DLC

New Skins & Taunts

Naughty Dog have designed over 40 new Skins for this DLC. Themes including post apocalyptic and western gear. You will also find a boatload of new hats, masks, and taunts to unlock.

What we did not get

Co-op. If you have been keeping up with Naughty Dogs DLC roadmap you may notice that Co-op is listed for Fall release. Co-op mode will not be available in this update but it is on the way. The team presenting the new material including Scott Lowe, Sr. Communications Manager, and Quentin Cobb, Game Designer, said they could not talk about co-op just yet but we should expect an update on that by the end of the year.

Map Voting. Still no sign of map voting in the updates. It was not reviewed in the live stream but it was a popular comment. The team said they are constantly reviewing the player data to make tweaks, balance content, and make changes.

Split Screen. This is another common request from players. The team tried to put this one to bed by announcing that at this moment there were no plans for split screen play. They are more focused on creating new content to support the game rather than the daunting upgrade of split screen multiplayer.

The new Bounty Hunter DLC is available now. What are you most excited about?

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