What You Need to Know About Twitch Prime



Twitch announced yesterday that it will be offering a new premium service through Amazon Prime. It has been two years since the streaming service was acquired by Amazon and members of both services have been looking for ways to integrate. Twitch Prime is a service that will offer users premium Twitch services and will come bundled when you subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime already offers subscribers a range of services including free shipping, added discounts on products, access to Amazon’s digital content library including original programming, and recently exclusive access to specific products. Access and benefits do vary from country to country but you can see the specific benefits your country can access by checking out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits in the US, UKCanada, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Now, Amazon will be extending benefits to include premium Twitch access at no extra cost to users.

This premium access will take the form of ad free viewing, access to free game content every month, discounts on games sold through Amazon, exclusive emotes, and one free channel subscription every 30 days. That last one is particularly interesting. It looks like Amazon is trying to grow the Twitch community despite the increasing number of platforms by making it easier to support your favorite streamers. There will be new loot given away every month for subscribers including free content. For instance, Twitch Prime users can add Tyrande Whisperwind to their Hearthstone decks for free. The card will be available to subscribers until November 5th. Afterwards, new content will be made available for members.

Twitch Prime is included with Amazon Prime. The cost of Amazon Prime is different for each country based on the amount on content offered. It starts with free 30-day trial, then:

  • US: $10.99/month or $99/year
  • Canada: CDN$ 79.00/year
  • UK: £7.99/month.
  • Germany: EUR 49,00/year
  • France: EUR 49,00/year
  • Italy: EUR 19,99/year
  • Spain: EUR 19,95/year

Twitch users who are currently subscribe to Turbo can rest assured that Twitch will still support it. However, they do urge users to consider the value of the combination membership. This is particularly important for users in nations that do not (as of yet) support Amazon Prime. Users who have already subscribed to Amazon Prime can already benefit from premium Twitch services at no extra cost. All you have to do is link your current Twitch Account to your Amazon Prime and you will have Twitch Prime.

What do you think? Does this make you more interested in an Amazon Prime account?

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