Naughty Dog Adds Survival Mode to Uncharted 4

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Naughty Dog will be adding co-op play to Uncharted 4 in the form of the new Survival Mode.

Up to 3 Player teams will face off against 50 waves of increasingly difficult enemies in the new feature which will include a dedicated progression system, large arsenal, and challenges.

Naughty Dog continues along it’s Uncharted 4 multiplayer roadmap by adding a new mode dubbed Survival. Survival will allow you and up to two of your friends to go up against 50 waves of Shoreline mercs across 10 maps. The enemies will become increasingly difficult as each new wave will be deadlier than the last: More aggressive, more accurate, and better equipped.


Building on Co-op arena from Uncharted 2 and 3, Uncharted 4 is expanding the mode to include more depth and variety. Survival will feature objective modes so winning is about more than just eliminating the hordes coming at you. Players will also have to complete challenges or play under active modifiers to achieve success. Every 10 waves players will face off against a Pirate Warlord, powerful Djinn-wielding bosses. Vinit Agarwal, Naughty Dog Game Designer, writes “Survival is all about strategy, camaraderie, and skill.”

Uncharted 4_Survival_Screenshot

Players will also have the chance to face off against the terrifying ghost of Henry Avery

The new mode will have a dedicated progression distinct from regular online play. Players will complete in unique relic challenges and unlock upgrades specifically for the mode. They will also be able to earn Survival exclusive boosters. Just like the all other DLC released by Naughty Dog, Survival will be free to all players and will even feature it’s own trophies.


Survival will launch next month however if you are lucky enough to attend PS Experience in Anaheim next week you can be among the first to try it out. Are you excited about co-op in Uncharted 4? Let us know, and join in the conversation below, on Facebook, or in the forums!

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