Your Next Rattata May Turn Out to be a Ditto

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Ditto has been caught by Pokemon Go Players

Players are finding Ditto disguised as Rattata and Pidgey and are able to transform it into much more powerful Pokemon during gym battles

**UPDATE 11-22-16 15:00 EST** Niantic confirms Ditto is now active in the game and has provided a few more details. If the Ditto reveals itself in an encounter it will also become visible to other trainers in the area. 


Pokémon Go’s Thank You event is under way and now on top of the double XP and stardust players will receive this week they will also have a chance to find of the one game’s more elusive monsters. Players on Reddit are reporting finding Dittos hiding under the guise of common Pokémon such as Rattata and Pidgey.

Pokemon Go ditto

Of the first 150 Pokémon a select few have not been captured but now players will have one more Pokémon to add to their Pokédex. Reddit user S4mble first posted yesterday about catching Ditto. He claims to have caught a 200 CP Rattata which promptly turned into a 434 CP Ditto. The thread has gained over 6000 up votes and it was not very long before other players began sharing similar discoveries.

It appears as though Ditto is hiding as common Pokémon and only reveals itself once caught. If you find a Ditto the game will prompt you with an “oh?”, similar to the one you get when your eggs are about to hatch, and your new Pokémon will transform into a Ditto. The Dittos discovered appear to be relatively low level however players are reporting that once the Ditto is brought into a gym battle is transforms to match the Pokemon you are fighting. The Ditto will take on that Pokemon’s moveset but the CP will vary. Some players reported significantly higher CPs and others got lower CPs. As user sentdex describes:

My very first pidgey catch tonight turned out to be a lvl 27, 489 CP ditto. I immediately drove to a close gym, and battled a lvl 1800 exeggutor. My ditto immediately transformed to a 2133 exeggutor and I won the fight. It was the only pokemon at the gym, so I took it, and now my Ditto sits at the top.

Some things to note. It appears that Ditto only gets to use his “transform” once. It will take on the persona of the first Pokémon it fights so be weary using it to defeat lower level Pokémon who may hold lower places within the gym.

Have you found a Ditto yet? Let us know, and join in the conversation below, on Facebook, or in the forums!

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