5 Reasons to Redeploy for Sniper Elite 4

Bigger maps, more ways to kill, and that same satisfying feeling when you squeeze the trigger. Sniper Elite is back.

Picking up where the third installment left off, Sniper Elite 4 is heading to the coast of Italy circa 1943. Europe is still engulfed in war, but Allied forces are preparing to take back the continent. Fresh from his critical role in North Africa during Operation Torch, Karl Fairburne is on a new mission to destabilize Nazi forces in Italy. On the surface, it may look a lot like Sniper Elite 3. Although there is nothing wrong with that (because Sniper Elite 3 was a fantastic game), Rebellion has made a lot of improvements that are going to make Sniper Elite 4 even more satisfying.

It will take more than a gaping ravine to stop Karl.

Larger Hunting Grounds

Rebellion has expanded the maps for Sniper Elite 4 into massive sandbox areas. Players will get to explore the stunning Italian coast as they look for ways to complete their mission. These maps are hundreds of kilometers across, larger than we have seen in any previous Sniper Elite. This means more opportunities for long range sniping and lots of opportunities to experiment.

There is no prescribed route for getting through them, so you can choose to complete the mission however you like. Find a good vantage point and pick off your enemies, sneak through, set traps, or even go loud and blast your way to your objectives. Every map is filled with different opportunities to exploit and different ways to eliminate enemies. Don’t worry if your cover is blown; relocate and take a new approach.

Sniper Elite 4 setup
Visit rustic Italy for the views, stay for the violent deaths you can bring about.

Climb Higher, Go More Places, Throw People Off Ledges

Rebellion has added climbing to Sniper Elite 4. Previously, Karl could only use ramps and ladders to find higher ground. Now you can climb walls, chains, and even hang off ledges as you traverse. This means you will be able to access more areas of the map to find that perfect vantage point. It also means new opportunities for melee kills.

Buddy Up

Of course, two player co-op is returning to the single player campaign. You and a friend can work together to complete objectives, cover one another as you move around the map, or be each other’s spotter. With a little teamwork, you will make quick work of those German outposts. We love to play with our friends which is why Rebellion isn’t stopping there. They have added a few great features to help us do just that.

They have added a competitive multiplayer mode where players must capture and defend objectives. If an online game made up entirely of snipers worries you, I can assure you it shouldn’t. The multiplayer is dynamic and fast paced. You will have to stay on your toes because it is an objective driven mode, which means your enemies remain mobile. You will also have to watch out for traps and other distraction techniques, but there will still be the opportunity for sniper hunting.

sniper elite 4 coop survival mode

Survival is another new addition. It is a horde mode where you and three friends can play together to fend off 12 waves of very aggressive Nazi forces. These soldiers are smarter than the single player AI and will bear down on you very quickly. The point you have to defend changes every three rounds so you can’t bunker down in a single advantageous spot. Rather, it forces you to relocate as it increases the challenge. 12 rounds may not sound like much, but this is a challenging mode.

More Kill Cams

One of the things that makes Sniper Elite so satisfying are the kill cams. Rebellion’s ingenious system that allows the player to view their bullets course through their victims makes the game visceral and ever so entertaining.

Sniper Elite 4_2 Melee Kill Cam
I don’t think the prognosis is good.

They know just how much we love watching Nazi heads (and testicles) explode, so they are expanding the kill cam functionality. Now alongside sniper and explosive kill cams, players will also be able to watch melee kill cams. You can enjoy watching Karl Fairburne land devastating blows on enemies and burying his combat knife into Nazis.

The Freedom to Get Creative

Sniper Elite has always given the player options for completing missions. In the third iteration, you could choose your path, make your own distractions, and had a few options on how to approach your objective. That power of choice is now even more prevalent as the massive new maps hide a wealth of opportunities. There is your trusty sniper rifle of course, but there is also the welrod, your combat knife, and even the MP40 for when things get messy. Not to mentions the traps, explosions, and environmental “accidents”.

Lure enemies into prime sniping areas, sneak your way to the objective, set traps, there are too many options and combinations to explore fully in a single playthrough. You can play and replay Sniper Elite 4 a dozen different ways to explore different play styles or new paths. Experiment with your equipment and the environment to see just how many ways you can kill Nazis. The answer is a lot.

Sniper Elite 4 will be available February 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It will also have support for PS4 Pro or, if you have a high end PC, DirectX 12.

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