A Peak Inside Twitch Crates

Crates will house a random selection of chat badges, emotes, or a surprise number of Bits and will be rewarded for purchases of $4.99 or more on the platform.

Last month we reported Twitch was moving toward being a game retailer. The Twitch team hinted that there would be bonuses for users who chose to purchase via Twitch rather than their local store or other platforms such as uPlay or Steam. Now the team has shared more details on the Twitch Crates will be given to users who purchase their games via Twitch.

Twitch Crates

In case supporting your favorite streamers was not enough incentive, Twitch’s strategy is to entice users with rewards they can use on the streaming platforming including chat badges, emotes, or even a surprise number of Bits. The contents of each crate are entirely random and items could range from common to very rare. Some games will feature custom emotes that will be automatically included in the crate.

Crates will be awarded if a user spends $4.99 USD on a game or in-game content via Twitch’s new commerce platform which is scheduled to be live this Spring. They are only rewarding per purchase, however, so you will only receive a single crate whether you buy a $5 game or a $50 game.

Users will be able to keep them in their inventory, another new feature Twitch will be detailed soon, or open them right away to enjoy their reward. It is possible to be rewarded with multiples of the same item and currently Twitch as no system in place to track multiples or trade them.

Get it on Twitch from Twitch on Vimeo.

Twitch is attempting to capitalize on the millions of viewers who watch streamers play every day. The “Get it on Twitch” program will add the ability to buy the game being streamed directly off of the stream page and would allow partnered streamers to earn 5% of the revenue from every sale off of their stream.

There is no confirmed list of games that will be participating however they have confirmed a number of developers that have signed on including Ubisoft, Telltale Games, Trion Worlds, and more.

Twitch has a tremendous platform that seems ripe for selling content to users but are crates enticing enough? Share your thoughts in the comments below or talk to us on FacebookTwitter, or on our Discord.

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