Play Battlefield 1 DLC for Free with Your Premium Friends

EA to allow friends to join on on premium maps even if they didn’t purchase the paid DLC, although with a few restrictions.

The development team at Battlefield 1 has been listening to the feedback from players and now wants to address a common concern for some. Players who have purchased Premium Pass or the newest paid DLC can’t use the maps if they are playing with friends who have not and thus are forced to choose between getting their money’s worth or playing with a buddy. Battlefield 1 is combating this frustration by introducing “Premium Friends”.

“Premium Friends” will allow players who have not purchased the Premium Pass to join their friends on premium maps. As long as one person in the party owns a Premium Pass, the party will automatically become “Premium Enabled” and everyone in the party will be able to play on the map

There are, however, some caveats. Players who do not own the content will not be able to earn XP on those maps. This is presumably to offset the temptation for groups to conspire around buying the pass. The experience is not lost, if you choose to buy the premium pass for yourself EA promises that all your previous XP will be awarded retrospectively. This means the more games you play with your “Premium Friends” the more incentive there is to purchase your own.

Other restrictions are that only owners of the Premium Pass or the specific DLC will be able to spawn with weapons and vehicles unique for the expansion or will have their progress towards the unique medals and codexes  tracked.

Battlefield 1 They Shall not pass DLC

The first of four expansions, They Shall Not Pass, just became available for all players. It features four new maps along with new weapons, a new Behemoth, a new elite class the Trench Raider, and a new game mode, Frontlines. In total, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass will include 16 new maps so players may find it more and more frustrating to play with their “Premium Friends” and earn little to no XP as the ratio of premium maps increases. The Premium Friends system will available to test during Battlefest, which starts on March 30.

Do you have a Premium Friend? Or are you the one who will carry the party?  Let us know in the comment section, Facebook , Twitter, or our Discord.

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