Our First Look at Far Cry 5: Welcome to Hope County

Ubisoft has officially revealed what they are planning for Far Cry 5 with a cinematic trailer and new details about the setting, allies, enemies, and more.

In a special reveal on IGN Live, Ubisoft has shared the first look at the upcoming Far Cry 5. Ubisoft is bringing their open-world action adventure Stateside to the fictional Hope County, Montana. New threats, new allies, but all Far Cry.

The Threat

Hope County seems like a wonderful place. It has sprawling woods and rivers and is home to an All-American small town but underneath the surface, and not that far I must add, there is a group of religious zealots certain that the world is coming to an end. In anticipation, their militia has seized control of the region and imposed their rule over its citizens whether they believe or not.

This group, Eden’s Gate, is lead by the Father who your character has been sent to arrest, but like with most games, it is never that simple. Instead, you find your junior sheriff: the only survivor of Eden’s Gate counterattack. Stranded in rural Montana, you will have to fight back by taking the militia apart piece by piece.

Your Allies

In order to reclaim Hope County, you will need to build a resistance by making allies with other survivors. Ubisoft says that they are going to great effort to make these characters seem as real and be as capable as you would expect them to be. Currently, the three main allies featured are Pastor Jerome Jefferies: a pastor whose church has come under attack by Eden’s Gate, Mary May: a bartender with a serious axe to grind with them, and Nick Rye: a pilot. Each has their own cinematic trailer to give you some idea of the impact Eden’s Gate has made on this community.


There is not too much detail on how each will affect gameplay, but based on our history with Far Cry it is not a long shot to assume that Jerome and Mary will likely be able to supply you with weapons and explosives while Nick will function as a mechanic or some kind of vehicle support or access. IGN reported that players will be able to play the entire game in Co-op, so perhaps player two will be able to step into one of their boots as well. Similar to previous Far Cry titles, you will be able to call in reinforcements to help you take over enemy held bases. As you build your resistance, you will have access to more NPCs to call on for support.

What to Expect

This is still Far Cry, so the basic mechanics will likely revolve around taking missions from your allies to reclaim sections of the map until you have defeated the Father and his militia. That means climbing a few towers, trying to outrun bears, and sometimes just blowing stuff up for the fun of it. There will be all kinds of vehicles for exploring from ATVs to trucks to planes.



Ubisoft will be bringing back the map maker from Far Cry 3 and an animal companion from Far Cry Primal. We did not get a good look at the weapons, however. It looks like we can expect an array of automatic weapons and both small and large arms. Melee weapons, such as a baseball bat and sledgehammer, are featured on the game’s website as well in case you get bored of shooting things or blowing them up.

Interesting to note that there is PlayStation branding all over these trailers. Nothing has been officially announced, but it could indicate that PlayStation owners could be receiving some perks? We know that the game will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but perhaps exclusive or timed exclusive DLC could be in store.

Far Cry 5 is slated for a February 2018 release, significantly missing the 2017 holiday season, but better to be ready than in time for Christmas. Perhaps Ubisoft is learning from their past mistakes? Or maybe they just don’t want to undercut Assassin’s Creed: Origins which is due in 2017.

This article first appeared on DVSGaming.org

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