Street Fighter II Returns to the SNES

Capcom and Iam8bit team up to release Street Fighter II on the SNES, again.

In celebration of the game’s 30th-anniversary Capcom is creating a limited number of cartridges for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The run will include 5500 units in limited edition packaging produced by Retrotainment Games.

The new edition will be the same classic Street Fighter II playable on the original SNES. It will come in a special box with foil, gloss & embossing “amplifying the core SNES box”. There will also be a premium instruction booklet (remember those) and bonus “retro surprises” packed. To make these even more collectible 1000 of the 5500 units will have a super special edition Blanka glow in the Dark green cartridge.

The packages were being sold for $100, but unfortunately, they are already sold out so you will likely have to find them on the secondary market at significantly marked up prices.

Iam8bit has labeled this release as part of the “Legacy Cartridge Collection”, an effort to celebrate retro titles by re-releasing them with fresh packaging and art. It is a very cool concept for collectors and fans and hopefully we will see more special editions in the future.

The “Legacy Cartridge Collection” embodies retro-inspired luxury, amplifying the core SNES box design with a glistening foil sheen, delicately embossed texture, chic spot varnish and an innovative tri-fold cover that opens to reveal bonus vintage art. Inside, we’re keeping it old-school by restoring the contents of the original instruction booklet, complete with a new archival cover print + secret pack-ins (to be revealed when you crack that shrink-wrap seal).

What anniversary editions of classic games would you love to see get a special re-release? Let us know in the comments below and join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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