BlizzCon 2017 Goody Bag Unboxed

This year’s Goody bag is chock full of Blizzard Swag including pins, Overwatch collectibles, and a backpack. Best of all you don’t need a Blizzcon ticket to get one.

Attendees lucky enough to get a ticket to Blizzcon will enjoy the biggest event of the year for Blizzard. Play the latest versions of Blizzard games, watch the eSports Global Finals, watch discussion panels, and more. One of the biggest perks is the swag, or Goody Bag that Blizzard gives to participants every year. It is full of cool items and comes in sweet Blizzard backpack. For the first time, they will be available for sale to all fans.

Blizzcon Goody Bag 2017 Unboxing with TradeChat
Unboxing with TradeChat. The Blizzard Backpack, patches, Overwatch backpack clip, Cute but Deadly figure, and series 10 Blizzard pin.

Here’s what you will get in the Goody Bag:

  • BlizzCon backpack
  • Blind bag Overwatch figure with clip
  • Cute but Deadly Series three Overwatch figure
  • Series four Blizzard Pin (10 pins in the series)
  • Badge Icon pack, for you to attach to your BlizzCon backpack

TradeChat was one of the influences sent the contents in advance, you can watch her entire unboxing below:

In the past, this Goody bag has been exclusive for attendees but this year the bag will be available for sale even if you didn’t manage to get a Blizzcon ticket or Virtual Ticket. If you did grab a virtual ticket you will be eligible for a discount on the Goody Bag.

Blizzard will be hosting a live stream on September 13 at 12 PM PST for the official reveal. Blizzcon will take place November 3rd-4th stay tunned for our coverage and all the Blizzard news.

Did you get your hands on a Blizzcon ticket and if not will you buy the Goody Bag separately? Let us know, join us on Discord, on our Facebook page, or Twitter.

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