Trial of the Gods: Anubis

Assassin’s Creed Origins’ first big public event pits Bayek against a god. Are you ready to face Anubis?

Anubis was the god of embalming and the dead. Personified as part man part jackal Egyptians believed he watched over the dead. An animus glitch brings a larger than life version of the god into Origins, but don’t let his size worry youThis guy is big, but he isn’t so tough. He wields three kinds of attack that can deal devastating damage but with the right tools and as long as you stay agile you’ll be able to take down a god.

Fire, dodge, repeat until he goes down hard. Keep an eye out for bags of arrows that appear on the battlefield just when you need them
Fire, dodge, repeat until he goes down hard. Keep an eye out for bags of arrows that appear on the battlefield just when you need them

Fighting Anubis

There are three types of attacks you have to watch out for but other than that quick bow work does the rest (aim for that glowing orb on his chest if that isn’t already obvious).

You will find Anubis in the desert just south-west of Siwa. You can track the new objective via your Objectives menu if you get lost. You’ll spot it from a distance but you will need to get very close to trigger the fight.

These trials are fairly straightforward:

  • Attack the giant glowing orb on Anubis’ chest
  • Stay within the fight zone (you will know if you have moved too far because you will see parts of the animus glitch on screen)
  • Be patient
  • Be aware of his attacks

Once Anubis appears all you need to do is keep pouring arrows into that bright ball on his chest. The tricky part of the battle is to stay mobile. His attacks are powerful but easily avoided as long as you keep moving. Shoot a few times and then dodge is generally how it goes. Don’t push your luck with your attacks, acting on the side of caution may make the fight longer by a minute or two but it only takes a few direct hits to knock Bayek out of the fight so be wary.

PRO TIP: For this challenge, find a weapon that gains you back health points on hit. I have a Legendary Composite Bow which I actually purchased from the Assassin’s Bureau.

His Attacks

Anubis has three primary attacks. The first is the phantom jackals. These come one at a time in packs of between two and five, but the strategy is the same for every jackal. DODGE AWAY. I don’t mean back, I mean dodge in the opposite direction of its path. Their path is highlighted in red so if they are deading to the right dodge to the left.

You can’t outrun them because they will adjust to meet your position and if you dodge behind you or on the inside of the path it will get you. You have no choice but to stand your ground and then dodge at the very last moment.

The second attack is gusts of toxic air, these are clearly indicated by a red zone, get clear ASAP because once it turns black it will be deadly. These are pretty easy to avoid

The third is man-sized Anubis soldiers. These guys are rated at 40 but honestly, they are pretty easy to take out. Just don’t let them surround and avoid taking any hits (because they do damage) and you can cut them down quickly. When one goes down get away because often there will be small toxic zones around where they fell for a moment.

You may also notice that Anubis tries to trap you in small bone cages during these bits. Don’t worry about them, they are actually more a help than a hindrance. They help block out some of the enemies for a brief moment and they are super easy to hack out off.

Once You have Defeated him

When you are done, Anubis retreats into the animus glitch he came from and you will earn 1000 XP, a few Drachmas, and a piece of Anubis gear. This is part of a set that, when completed, will grant players a unique armour set. If you can’t defeat him don’t worry, there are more Trials on the way and Ubisoft has stated they will also begin repeating at some stage.

You can challenge Anubis as often as you want for more XP or cash but you will only receive one piece of Anubis gear the first time you defeat him.

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