Fight for the Empire in Star Wars: Battlefront 2

EA's new teaser for Star Wars: BF2 Brings reveals new battles, unlikely match-ups, and a new hero.

New Battlefield 1 Map Preview – Sinai Desert

EA's Gamescon Live Broadcast of Battlefield 1 showed us a never before seen map: The Sinai Desert. This massive desert map is completely different from the French countryside in the St. Quentin map shown at this year's E3. It features a small town surrounded by open sandy terrain with a railway running through it. This is a stunning map with... Continue Reading →

EA shares Battlefield 1 Online Gameplay

EA released a new trailer for Battlefield 1 today during EA's E3 press release. It showed more single player action and looked absolutely stunning, nailing the chaos and brutality of WWI.   After the new gameplay trailer, EA showed its online gameplay for the first time. Battlefield is known for its massive online experience with 64-player multiplayer and destructible... Continue Reading →

Game Review: ScreenCheat

Featuring splitscreen gameplay online or in local networks, ScreenCheat is fast-paced and frantic.  All players are invisible, but every player can see the other players' screens, even in online mode. Players are forced to check the other three screens to spot enemy locations, hunt them down and kill them.   It's a unique concept, especially in... Continue Reading →

Announcement: Battlefield 1

During their press conference DICE Design Director Lars Gustavsson reviewed Battlefields history of innovation, especially within the online arena. The series has taken players from WWII, to Vietnam, to modern day combat; all along developing the ability for players to interact with destructible environments and become fully immersed into gameplay.  Early rumors suggested the franchise would be taking... Continue Reading →

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