New Battlefield 1 Map Preview – Sinai Desert

EA's Gamescon Live Broadcast of Battlefield 1 showed us a never before seen map: The Sinai Desert. This massive desert map is completely different from the French countryside in the St. Quentin map shown at this year's E3. It features a small town surrounded by open sandy terrain with a railway running through it. This is a stunning map with... Continue Reading →

New Overwatch Map Incoming

x Blizzzard has announced the newest map for Overwatch. Revealed at Gamescom 2016, Eichenwalde is an Assault/Escort hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. It is complete with all the trappings of Bravaria, including timber framed medieval styled houses, clock shops and a castle. Eichenwalde features some unique gameplay... Continue Reading →

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