Kilimanjaro DAY 6: Going Up

We have been heading for this for five days now, hiking up hills and across valleys,  scaling rock walls and winding our way around this monolith.

Kilimanjaro Day 2: Exponential

My adventure continues as the sun rises on day 2. Yesterday was a bit of a shock but I have come to terms with the fact we are climbing a mountain here. Waking up surprisingly refreshed we get ready for day 2; still taking care as we groom and dress for the day ahead. After... Continue Reading →

It’s a Fucking Mountain

Today is special because today we begin a great trek.  We are going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is the tallest on four continents, it stands 5895 m tall, that's around 19000 feet if metric is tough for you. We are taking the Machame route over seven days. This route is the 2nd most... Continue Reading →

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