Fight for the Empire in Star Wars: Battlefront 2

EA's new teaser for Star Wars: BF2 Brings reveals new battles, unlikely match-ups, and a new hero.

Origin Bans an Entire Country From Their Games

It doesn't matter if you bought the $200 special edition or cheapest digital copy; You don't own your games. Reports from Reddit that were confirmed on the EA Forums say that EA has removed access for users from Myanmar, citing political sanctions. Myanmar has been under sanction from the US since 1997, though tensions between that and the US have... Continue Reading →

EA shares Battlefield 1 Online Gameplay

EA released a new trailer for Battlefield 1 today during EA's E3 press release. It showed more single player action and looked absolutely stunning, nailing the chaos and brutality of WWI.   After the new gameplay trailer, EA showed its online gameplay for the first time. Battlefield is known for its massive online experience with 64-player multiplayer and destructible... Continue Reading →

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