Pokémon Go Update 0.37.0: What’s New

Assuming you have hung on this long, Niantic is now rolling updates with new ways to play Pokémon Go. They have added a “buddy system” to the game. Trainers can now select a pokémon via the trainer menu and make it your buddy. Similar to the egg hatching system, the game will track your movements and... Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go 0.31.0 Update

Niantic is rolling out new updates to Pokémon Go this weekend. There are a number of UI and functionality changes that will likely alleviate some frustrations players may be experiencing. The newest update is 0.31.0 and includes the following changes to the game.   Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen.  Adjusted battle... Continue Reading →

Uncharted 4 Drops First DLC for FREE

Naughty Dog went live on Twitch this afternoon to break down their first multiplayer DLC. The DLC, dubbed Lost Treasures, will drop with tomorrow's 1.08 patch for the game will include a host of content for players. The patch will also add a number of features to Uncharted 4 multiplayer including a much requested ranking system.... Continue Reading →

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