Your Next Rattata May Turn Out to be a Ditto

Share Buttons Ditto has been caught by Pokemon Go Players Players are finding Ditto disguised as Rattata and Pidgey and are able to transform it into much more powerful Pokemon during gym battles **UPDATE 11-22-16 15:00 EST** Niantic confirms Ditto is now active in the game and has provided a few more details. If the Ditto... Continue Reading →

Pokémon GO’s Hallow’s Eve Event a Huge Success

Niantic had a Happy Halloween as revenue topped $23 million globally. Pokemon Go hosted their first in-game event this Halloween weekend offering players bonus candy and increased occurrences of ghost and psychic type Pokemon. The Halloween themed event ran from October 25 to November 2nd. Players were able to find Ghastly's, Haunters, Gengar, Drowsies, and Hypnos... Continue Reading →

Pokémon Go 0.31.0 Update

Niantic is rolling out new updates to Pokémon Go this weekend. There are a number of UI and functionality changes that will likely alleviate some frustrations players may be experiencing. The newest update is 0.31.0 and includes the following changes to the game.   Avatars can now be re-customized from the Trainer profile screen.  Adjusted battle... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Stocks Rise as Pokemon GO Rolls Out

Have you noticed it? Strangers crowding parks, business, even police stations frantically swiping at their phones. It’s not the latest online dating app, Pokemon GO has finally arrived. The internet is obsessed, and Nintendo is reaping the benefits. Their stocks were up this morning, and it's not just a single digit rise.  Pokemon GO uses your phone’s... Continue Reading →

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