This Day in Gaming History: May 11th

Sega Saturn (1995) Finding its way to North America almost 6 months after its Japanese debut the, Sega Saturn was released on this day in 1995. A simpler time, where the Saturn’s 32 bit graphics and new CD-ROM were a big deal. It was built with dual Hitachi SH-2 CPUs running at 28.6 MHz and dual... Continue Reading →

This Day in Gaming History: April 25th

Warsong (Genesis 1991) This was a tactical role playing game on the Sega Genesis Developed by Masaya Games and published by Nippon Computer Systems (NCS).  A PC version would be released later under the title Langrisser: The Descendants of Light and then most recently in 2009 on the PSN.  It is fairly comprehensive battle simulator... Continue Reading →

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