7 Tips to Help You Rule San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2

There are plenty of ways to hack the city of San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 but here are some tips to help you do it better. Our tips for getting around, planning your missions, retrieving key data, and taking down Blume.

Game Review: Watch Dogs 2

This world is dynamic and vibrant, characters are actually interesting, and the strategies for hacking your way through the game have been completely upgraded. Ubisoft gives players such good new and improved tools for solving problems that you may never need to take the violence approach.

Sony Announces PS4 Pro and Slim

Sony formally unveiled the new slimmer PS4 and the PS4 Pro today. Launching November 10, the new PS4 Pro will the capable of 4K resolution in games and video. The new system has greater memory, increased CPU clock rate, 1 TB hard drive, and a powerful GPU that will help bring 4K video and HDR to... Continue Reading →

Beware the Watchdogs

This weekend, I had a chance to see the Watch Dogs 2 demo live at Fan Expo Canada. It's the same demo that has been shown at E3 and floating around YouTube. Watching it live leaves a great impression and I was honestly impressed. The game looks great and they have made meaningful changes to... Continue Reading →

E3 2016 Ubisoft Showcase

Celbrating it's 30th birthday this year, Ubisoft brought a lot of great things to E3 this year.  Ubisoft took a very different direction with their press conference. Their conference was packed with with great content, but presented in a more personal way. The casual atmosphere lead by host and comedian Aisha Tyler was more authentic than... Continue Reading →

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