New Overwatch Map Incoming


Blizzzard has announced the newest map for Overwatch. Revealed at Gamescom 2016, Eichenwalde is an Assault/Escort hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. It is complete with all the trappings of Bravaria, including timber framed medieval styled houses, clock shops and a castle.

Eichenwalde features some unique gameplay opportunities. The town surrounds a tall castle with a spiral staircase that will provide players with a lot of vertical gameplay.


Although this German setting may lead some link this map with Reinhardt, Eichenwalde is in fact related to Bastion. Fans can learn more about Bastion’s history and his links to this map on Thursday when Blizzard releases another animated short focusing on Bastion. Blizzard see these shorts as as an important tool in their world building strategy for the online game.

You can read more on Blizzard’s World Building Strategy by checking out our coverage of San Diego Comic Con Panel. Stay tuned for more on Overwatch news and strategy.

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